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type of personality

there are several type of personality that we should know :

1) authoritarian personality - the strong should lead the weak

2) Bureaucratic personality - do anything as long as the organization achieve the goals

3) Machiavellianism - high self esteem and self confident

4) Type A Personality :
                                     - always moving, walking and eating rapidly
                                     - appretiate the time
                                     - stive to do 2 or more things at once
                                     - cannot cope with leisure time
                                     - obsessed with numbers

5) Type B Personality :
                                    - never suffer from time urgency
                                    - no need to discuss with their achievement
                                    - play for fun and relaxation
                                    - can relax without guilt

in conclusion....where are your stage ? let's leave some comment ...
sharing is loving....

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